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The Journey

       In  2018, Patrick and Keisha Wheeler  began the journey to plant a new ministry in the Palm River/Claire Mel area of Tampa, FL. After much seeking, prayer and guidance we held our first service as Preservation Church on Sunday July 21, 2019 at 4pm . The Lord moved on the hearts of our brothers and sisters at the Element Church, to share their space with us! God has been our standard as we’ve weathered relentless attacks from the enemy, as we planned to embrace a beautifully diverse community.  God’s protection and provision has been unyielding toward us, and we moved forward saturate this community offering the free gift of Christ’s love and salvation. Preservation Ministries was incorporated in 2018 as an umbrella for outreach efforts, and Preservation Church was birthed as an assembly of partners and other small ministries to unite together, worship, cover each other in prayer, and go back out to the vineyard where we are called to minister in the margins


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