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Pray Always!

I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands,

I Timothy 2:8a NKJV

Good Morning Men of God,.

It is important that Men pray. The foundation of our families and the Church is our relationship with Jesus Christ. The most important way we open the line of communication with the Father, is through his Son Jesus through prayer. In our text today Paul is instructing Timothy to guide men to pray everywhere.

Not just at church, or at home, or in the car, but everywhere. We need to fill every aspect of our lives with the presence of the Most High God.. We must set that example for our wives and children to do the same Remember, they will do what we do. Praying draws us closer to God. It brings a calm to your situation. It connects you with the Father. It bring peace to your mind. You have the ability today to take every hurt, joy, obstacle, and victory to the Creator of All Things. Don't waste that opportunity. Fill your kids rooms, your bedroom, your job, the gym, everywhere. Fill it all with prayers that honor God. In doing this we position ourselves to grow in Christ and lead our families in growing in Christ.

Love you Guys,


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