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Boots on the Ground


Prayer and Produce is our flagship outreach. Pastor Patrick and the Wheeler family would use their tithe to purchase and bag fresh produce to distribute to neighbors in Tampa and offer them prayer. It started small, in New Life Village, and then once we had a meeting space, we were led to start going into local mobile home parks. A revival sparked in the hearts of the neighbors and our partners. We felt alive doing what Pastor Patrick called "Boots on the ground" ministry. It's truly a unique calling. Over the years, God has used our small group to have dynamic impact in the lives of others. The stories over the years are rich and beautiful. Prayer and Produce runs completely on the generous donations of time and resources from our faith community. We are not sponsored by any companies or organizations: We are grassroots. We minister in the margins. For more information on how you can partner with us please contact us by phone or email! #KeepItMoving

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